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Higgins 1.0

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This page describes the work items, and schedule for the 1.0 release of Higgins.


This page's first section "Cross-cutting Themes" describes some broad project-wide work areas. But after that we try to focus on details by looking in turn at each of the Deployments and compiling a list of "loose ends" remaining to be done for 1.0. We'll divide the items into a 2 week "First Sprint" and "Backlog". We have defined these milestones for the sequence of sprints towards 1.0:

  • 1.0M9-1
  • 1.0M9-2
  • 1.0M9-3...etc.

Cross-cutting Themes

A few broad generalities, before we get on with the details...

Key Dates

  • Original dates: Summer 2007, August 31, September 26
  • Revised release date: <will be projected at the Higgins F2F in Austin 10/2-4>
  • Eclipse "graduate from incubation review" presentation/meeting date: TBD
  • Eclipse 1.0 release review presentation/meeting date: TBD

Component APIs and SPIs reviews

  • Looking at API/SPIs from an app developers point of view
  • Looking at API/SPIs from a Higgins developer point of view

Configure, Build & Deploy

  • Maven configure/build/test scripts
  • Nightly build scripts
  • Wiki documentation of how to build each of the Deployments
  • Wiki documentation of how to build each of the Components

H1 Identity Agent Deployment

Our goal is to have a simultaneous 1.0 release of all four deployment configs.

UI Review

  • Harmonizing H1, H2, H3 I-Card Selector UIs
  • General harmonizing of UI, e.g with a remember this decision check box, etc.

Interoperability Objectives

  • CardSpace 1.0
  • OpenID 1.1 with SimpleReg

H3 Identity Agent Deployment

  • Embedded I-Card Manager completion
  • Windows .MSI installer (installs Higgins Browser Extension and the single process java agent app)

H1 Identity Agent Deployment

  • Support for all four auth types for m-cards
  • I-Card Manager
    • Preview m-card claim values
    • Import p-card
    • Export p-card
    • Create p-card
    • Edit p-card
  • Higgins Browser Extension
    • Remember this password
    • Remember this card
    • Setup wizard must ask for (First name, Last name, email address, i-name "root")
    • must be parameterized by community i-name prefix (e.g. @novell*, @ibm*)
  • RP Protocol Support
    • issue community i-names
    • support OpenID 1.1 including s-reg
  • I-Card Manager
    • During account provisioning:
      • Auto-generate an initial p-card
      • Auto-generate an initial OpenID self-issued r-card


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