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Higgins 1.0

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  • Original date: Summer 2007
  • Revised date: August 31
  • Revised Revised date: Sept 24-26 <-- with Milestone 0.9 slipping to mid September, this date needs to be re-projected

API and interface reviews and refactoring

  • Looking at APIs from an app developers point of view
  • Looking at APIs from a higgins developer point of view

UI Review

  • Harmonizing HBX and H2 Card Selector UIs
  • General harmonizing of UI, e.g with a remember this decision check box, etc.

Interoperability Objectives

  • CardSpace 1.0
  • OpenId1.1 with SimpleReg

Build & Deploy

  • Automated build and test scripts
  • Wiki documentation of how to build each of the Components
  • Wiki documentation of how to build each of the Deployments
  • Do we need an H3 installer for Windows (e.g. .msi)? Other platforms?


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