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Higgins 1.0


Higgins logo 76Wx100H.jpg

This page describes the original 1.0 version of Higgins released February, 2008. See also the Higgins 1.0.1 bugfix release.


Higgins 1.0 makes available to end-users three kind of identity selectors. It also makes available to developers some related web services. These top level items are called Solutions. A Solution is a specific combination of Higgins Components that, when assembled and deployed, result in either an infrastructure-level service, or an end-user application.

Key Dates

  • Completion of 1.0 coding: December 31, 2007 (originally: Summer 2007)
  • Eclipse Higgins 1.0 release review presentation/meeting date: Feb 13th 2008
  • Higgins 1.0 press release (and graduation from incubation): Feb 21st 2008


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