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Higgins, Eclipse, and SocialPhysics


Higgins logo 76Wx100H.jpg

The Higgins Trust Framework is an open source software effort led by members of the SocialPhysics project sponsored by Parity Communications,Inc., and affiliated with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, IBM, Novell and others. Higgins is hosted in the Eclipse Foundation's Technology/Incubator. SocialPhysics is a project whose goal is to give users more control of their online identity, profile and relationship information.

In addition to Higgins, SocialPhysics has a research program, and is involved in community development activities including maintenance of the Identity Gang site. The Identity Gang is an active, invitation-only, informal, peer discussion list and wiki that includes identity thought leaders from a wide range of organizations including Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Yahoo, Mozilla, Sun, NetMesh (LID, YADIS), OASIS-XRI/XDI and many others.

Although SocialPhysics pays particular attention to the individual's relationship with enterprise and governmental service providers and issues related to identity, security, privacy, and compliance, the Higgins project itself is a development framework that has broader applicability.

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