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Hello XML World Example (Buckminster)

< To: Buckminster Project
This examples shows several Buckminster features in action.

To run the example, use the File > Open dialog in Eclipse, and enter this URL:

That will start the Buckminster materialization of the project.


The CQuery looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<cq:componentQuery xmlns:cq=""
    <cq:rootRequest name="" category="plugin" versionType="OSGi"/>
    <cq:advisorNode namePattern="org\.demo\..*" whenNotEmpty="OVERWRITE" useInstalled="false" useMaterialization="false"/>
    <cq:advisorNode namePattern="se\.tada\..*" whenNotEmpty="REUSE" useInstalled="false"/>
  • The first three lines are the usual XML incantations - this is XML, and this is the syntax of the XML - i.e. CQuery-1.0.

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