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Hazelcast Service Properties

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==Hazelcast Service Properties

Property Description Type Default value
ecf.hazelcast.manager.configURL   File to use for Hazelcast group configuration for the remote service. In addition to normal URLs such as, or, this property supports a values with a 'bundle' protocol to allow references to Hazelcast config files from within other bundles within a given framework.

For example: If given as the value of this property, at export time, the bundle (highest version if multiple versions are present) will be consulted and the contents of file entry with the path /path/to/hc-config-file.xml within the bundle will be read and used as for the Hazelcast config.
NOTE: For distribution to work, manager and all members must use the same Hazelcast config.

String   Uses the hazelcast-default.xml in Hazelcast bundle. Note that the Hazelcast default can be set via command line argument: -Dhazelcast.config=<url> as described here Id to use for the Hazelcast Group Manager. NOTE: The path segment of the id (e.g. default: defaultRemoteServicesTopic) will be used to dynamically set the group name for the Hazelcast group. String   hazelcast://localhost/defaultRemoteServicesTopic path: defaultRemoteServicesTopic

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