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Handly/New and Noteworthy/1.1

New & Noteworthy for Eclipse Handly 1.1

Improved Documentation for Non-Core API

All API Javadoc comments for Handly UI and for Handly Xtext Integration Layer have been reviewed and improved where necessary (539388, 539389). However, the non-Core API is not as mature as the Core API yet and is versioned as 0.10 to indicate a slim chance that it may still change in a breaking way.

Note that this release introduces some breaking changes to the non-Core API. Please see the migration guide if you are a current adopter.

Search Result View Support

The Eclipse Platform supports contributing search result pages to the integrated Search view via the extension point and provides a base level of support for creating such pages in the package. On top of that support, this release provides a little framework that helps create search result view pages in general and for Handly-based models in particular (540649).

An exemplary implementation that shows the search result view support in action has been provided as part of the Handly Adapter Example (540650).

Initial Support for Call Hierarchy

This release provides an initial implementation for a little framework that helps create a Call Hierarchy View (541350). Note that the API is provisional and subject to change.

API and Implementation Enhancements

  • The Eclipse Platform has moved to using png files instead of gifs a while ago. We follow the lead (540997)
  • DefaultEditorUtility (540535) and CompositeActionGroup (540895) have been provided as new API
  • NotifyingReconcileOperation implementation has been optimized (541209)

Full List of Issues Addressed in This Release

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