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HBX How To Generate New Server Account

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While we are still debugging HBX and its interactions with a hosted Higgins service, there are times when you might want to blow away your user account on the Higgins service and start fresh.

Note: Deinstalling and reinstalling HBX will not achieve this since the account username and password are stored in the Firefox password manager (and thus this information persists).

  1. In Firefox with HBX installed, click Tools > Options...
  2. Click on Privacy (Padlock) tab
  3. Click View Saved Passwords in lower right corner
  4. Search for and select it
  5. Click Remove
  6. Restart Firefox (must close all Firefox windows)

When Firefox restarts and HBX starts up, it will generate a new username/password pair (you'll again see them in password manager).

HBX on startup automatically checks the Firefox-stored login/password for the server and deletes them if login/password does not exist on the server.

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