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General CVS Information

Connection Type Committers  :ext:
Anon access  :pserver:
Repository Path /cvsroot/technology/

HBX Project

Project Module Location Eclipse PSF ViewCVS
HBX org.eclipse.higgins/app/firefox/bx anonymous viewcvs

Build Instructions

HBX is xpcom extension. It is a XPI package which contains all sources:


  • chrome
    • higginsbx.jar
  • components
    • higgins.js
  • defaults
    • preferences
      • hbx.js
  • chrome.manifest
  • install.rdf

To create that XPI file you may pack chrome directory contents into higginsbx.jar and pack XPCom directory contents into higgins.xpi

You may use any ZIP archiver to create higginsbx.jar and hbx.xpi because it's a simple ZIP archives.

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