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Graphical Shared-Editor Example Application

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Required Elements

Two clients editing with simple node editor


How to Run Like Above

  1. Run two Eclipse clients in addition to your workspace (you can use the launch configs added by plugins in workspace: GEF Editor 1, GEF Editor 2, GEF Editor 3
  2. For each client, create the same project (e.g. 'foo' as above) in that client's workspace.
  3. For each client, add the "Communications" commands to the current perspective via Window->Customize Perspective->Commands (tab)->Communications (check box)
  4. For each client, connect to default collaboration server ecftcp://
  5. For each client, choose File->New->Other...->ECF Graphshare Examples->Shared GEF Diagram. Put the new file in the 'foo' project (i.e. the one created above), and call it the same name (e.g. 'bar.diagram' as above). It's very important that the file have the same project name and same file name as this path is the unique identifier.
  6. You should be able to use the shared editor as per the picture above.

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