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There is a complete [[GMF_Development_Guidelines | GMF developer guide]]
There is a complete [[GMF_Development_Guidelines | GMF developer guide]]
=== Create patch ===
=== Create patch ===

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Dev Builds
Update Site releases milestones
Mailing ListNewsgroupIRC
Help Wanted
Bug Day
GMF Notation: View CVS repo

GMF Runtime: View CVS repo
GMF Tooling: View Git Repo, GitHub

Report bugs

Here is the place to report bug and track progress:

Get the source

The source code of the GMF project can be found in the CVS repository

Browse the repository:


See the build instructions

For GMF Tooling, you can also simply use mvn clean install from org.eclipse.gmf.tooling/releng/org.eclipse.gmf.tooling-parent. Note that this is currently not the official build, but it is efficient enought to use for your testing.


There are many articles about contributing to Eclipse projects like Remy Suens blog or the Mylyn Contributor reference.

There is a complete GMF developer guide

Create patch

Once you got the source code of GMF and found a modification you wish to contribute, just create a patch and attach it to the related bug. Then committers will review it and perform tests with the patch, If everything is fine, it gets committed.

Becoming a committer

If you successfully contributed good patches, you deserve to become a committer. Someone should invite you to become a committer. If not, and you think you deserve to be a committer, just ask the gmf-dev mailing-list.

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