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* Get it at
* Get it at
== Presentations ==
== Presentations and Proposals in Conferences ==
* [[/EclipseCon Europe 2011| EclipseCon Europe 2011]]
* [[/EclipseCon Europe 2011| EclipseCon Europe 2011]]

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Dev Builds
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Bug Day
GMF Notation: View CVS repo

GMF Runtime: View CVS repo
GMF Tooling: View Git Repo, GitHub


Be notified

Go to Bugzilla > Preferences > Mail Preferences > User Watching > and add

  • ...

to the list. You'll then receive notifications by mail when an issue is opened or changed.

Snapshot Development Builds

GMF Runtime

How to build GMF-Runtime with Tycho (non-principal build)

  • checkout source code
  • go to releng/org.eclipse.gmf.runtime-parent
  • Type mvn clean install

GMF-Runtime will be built and tests will be executed.

Note: Maven 3 is required

GMF Tooling

3.0 stream

2.4.x maintenance Stream

Presentations and Proposals in Conferences

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