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Google Summer of Code 2021 Ideas

Help Wanted

Eclipse Bugzilla

Any issue listed as helpwanted is a potential GSoC project idea.

  • 439299 [Import/Export] Expanded Export Wizard with sub-categories auto-collapses
  • 571070 "Generate equals/hashCode" dialog should default to use Objects.equals/hashCode
  • 570785 Extract method refactoring provide better default names
  • 570697 Projects imported from ZIP archive do not automatically add included JARs to classpath
  • 552710 Add External JARs selection ignored when creating a new project

A complete list is available here.

Eclipse CBI

The Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) is an initiative combining infrastructure, services, technologies and best practices for building, testing and delivering software at the Eclipse Foundation.

Dash License Tool

This a tool used to extract license information from content.

Other Ideas

Project team member and potential mentors, add your content here. The format suggested below is just an idea. Play with the layout, but please don't mess with content provided by other projects. Please be sure to follow branding guidelines (e.g. "Eclipse Dash", not "Dash"). Putting things in alphabetical order seems like a fair thing to do. Links to content hosted elsewhere are fine, but bear in mind that this page will likely be the main point of contact for people who are not already inside your community.

Example Project idea

Description of the Example Project idea with links to more information, bugs, and other useful content.

Specific work that this could involve includes:

  • Bullet list of specific
  • objectives

Possible mentors: Somebody Mentor

Eclipse KUKSA.val

KUKSA.val is a in-vehicle datserver that provides data about an Vehicle to applications running in a vehicle. I implements standards jointly developed by Genivi and W3C.

KUKSA.val can be deployed by a manufacturer inside a vehicle computer as well as used external (e.g. on a PI) connected to a vehicle's OBD Port or CAN busses.

Relevant Issues: "Help Wanted" issues

Demo video: KUKSA.val DBC feeder

Skills required: CPP

Mentors: Sebastian Schildt, Wenwen Chen

Eclipse Collections

Eclipse Collections is a collections framework for Java with optimized data structures and a rich, functional and fluent API

Relevant Issues: "Good first issues" to contribute

Skills required:

Possible Mentor: TBD

Eclipse Theia

Eclipse Theia is a cloud & desktop IDE framework implemented in TypeScript.

Relevant Issues: "Good first issues" to contribute

Skills required:

Possible Mentor: TBD

Eclipse Lemminx

Eclipse Lemminx is an XML Language Server.

Relevant Issues: "Good first issues" to contribute

Skills required:

Possible Mentor: TBD

Eclipse SWTChart

SWTChart is a powerful library to create charts and display data using SWT. It can be easily used in Java desktop applications. Only a few lines of code are necessary to create interactive and feature rich charts:

public class MyChart extends MassSpectrumChart {
	public MyChart(Composite parent) {
		super(parent, SWT.NONE);
	private void initialize() {
		IChartSettings chartSettings = getChartSettings();
		List<IBarSeriesData> barSeriesDataList = new ArrayList<IBarSeriesData>();
		IBarSeriesData barSeriesData = new BarSeriesData(SeriesConverter.getSeriesXY(SeriesConverter.BAR_SERIES_1));

The source code is located here and can easily be cloned:
If you are interested in one of the topics you have to apply on the mailing list.

Topic: Support for Radar- and Spider Charts

SWTChart currently supports line-, scatter- and bar charts. Single and multiLevel pie charts have been added as a Google Summer of Code project in 2020. A nice enhancement would be to support also radar as well as spider charts:

Skills required: Java, SWT

Possible Mentor: Philip Wenig

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