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Google Summer of Code 2021 Ideas

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Eclipse CBI

Dash License Tool

Eclipse KUKSA.val

KUKSA.val is a in-vehicle datserver that provides data about an Vehicle to applications running in a vehicle. I implements standards jointly developed by Genivi and W3C.

KUKSA.val can be deployed by a manufacturer inside a vehicle computer as well as used external (e.g. on a PI) connected to a vehicle's OBD Port or CAN busses.

Relevant Issues: "Help Wanted" issues

Demo video: KUKSA.val DBC feeder

Skills required: CPP

Mentors: Sebastian Schildt, Wenwen Chen

Eclipse SWTChart

SWTChart is a powerful library to create charts and display data using SWT. It can be easily used in Java desktop applications. Only a few lines of code are necessary to create interactive and feature rich charts:

public class MyChart extends MassSpectrumChart {
	public MyChart(Composite parent) {
		super(parent, SWT.NONE);
	private void initialize() {
		IChartSettings chartSettings = getChartSettings();
		List<IBarSeriesData> barSeriesDataList = new ArrayList<IBarSeriesData>();
		IBarSeriesData barSeriesData = new BarSeriesData(SeriesConverter.getSeriesXY(SeriesConverter.BAR_SERIES_1));

The source code is located here and can easily be cloned:
If you are interested in one of the topics you have to apply on the mailing list.

Topic: Support for Radar- and Spider Charts

SWTChart currently supports line-, scatter- and bar charts. Single and multiLevel pie charts have been added as a Google Summer of Code project in 2020. A nice enhancement would be to support also radar as well as spider charts:

Skills required: Java, SWT

Possible Mentor: Philip Wenig

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