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Google Summer of Code 2010 Ideas


  • Be creative
  • Be specific: what do you want to be implemented
  • If you are willing to mentors those ideas, add your name and email to the idea.
  • It is ok to have a project idea without parent project
  • If you're an interested student, add your name and email next to the idea. It is ok to have several students interested by one idea.
  • Aspiring students and mentors need to register and submit their proposals or request on the Soc app


Title Project Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Possible mentor(s) Comments Potential student(s)

Provider for Google Buzz


Google Buzz is the latest social network / microblogging mechanism introduced by Google. Integrating Google buzz to eclipse communication framework will extend ECF quite vastly, since buzz itself can be linked to many information sources such as twitter, feeds, Google status messages, youtube, picasa etc. Therefore creating a provider for Google buzz will help eclipse users connect to vast number of sources through a single provider. In addition to that, it would enhance the accessibility of Google Buzz, since users will not have to constantly go to their gmail page and check for updates.

N.J. Samarasekera from University of Moratuwa – Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Scott Lewis, Alex Blewitt There is an ECF enhancement request to create/add a Google Buzz provider N.J. Samarasekera from University of Moratuwa – Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

OSGi Dependency Analysis and Source Highlighting


When developing OSGi applications, understanding your dependencies is crucial. The goal of this project would be to create tooling to aid OSGi developers in understanding what type of dependencies are being added. One extension to PDE would allow people to see what each line of code would bring in terms of dependencies. This could be accomplished by annotating editors with dependency information based on imports and each line of code. These dependencies could also be colored based on strength of dependency. Through the beauty of transitive dependencies, developers aren't always aware what depending on something can also bring in.

Chris Aniszczyk

Chris Aniszczyk

Mateusz Pastewski from Gdańsk University of Technology (Poland)/Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain)

Gerrit Mylyn Connector


Gerrit is a terrific code review tool for Git. At Eclipse, the EGit/JGit projects make exclusive use of Gerrit when it comes to reviewing patches. It would be great if there was Mylyn integration for Gerrit so we don't have to leave the comfort of Eclipse to do the actual reviews. This project would entail creating a Mylyn Connector and potentially creating some APIs on Gerrit's end to make the connector creation possible.

Chris Aniszczyk

Chris Aniszczyk

ProtocolBuffer EMF Serialization EMF ProtocolBuffer is binary serialization API which is smaller and faster than XML.

It would be interesting to be able to serialize EMF models with it.See

Mariot Chauvin To be defined To be defined

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