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Google Summer of Code 2010 Ideas

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  • Be creative
  • Be specific: what do you want to be implemented
  • If you are willing to mentors those ideas, add your name and email to the idea.
  • It is ok to have a project idea without parent project
  • If you're an interested student, add your name and email next to the idea. It is ok to have several students interested by one idea.
  • Aspiring students and mentors need to register and submit their proposals or request on the Soc app


Title Project Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Possible mentor(s) Comments Potential student(s)
Your project title here e.g. Cure world hunger Your project link here e.g. SoC Your project description here. Be as precise and specific as possible. Link to bugs... Your name here Your Prospective mentors here (If you're an eclipse committer + the reporter, you should leave your name here too! Your additional comments

Old ideas can be found at Google Summer of Code 2007 ideas, Google Summer of Code 2008 ideas and Google Summer of Code 2009 ideas .

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