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Google Summer of Code 2009 Ideas

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  • Be creative
  • Be specific: what do you want to be implemented
  • If you are willing to mentors those ideas, add your name and email to the idea.
  • It is ok to have a project idea without parent project
  • If you're an interested student, add your name and email next to the idea. It is ok to have several students interested by one idea.


Title Project Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Possible mentor(s) Comments Potential student(s)
Your project title here e.g. Cure world hunger Your project link here e.g. SoC Your project description here. Be as precise and specific as possible. Link to bugs... Your name here Your Prospective mentors here (If you're an eclipse committer + the reporter, you should leave your name here too! Your additional comments
PDE Menage A Trois PDE The goal of this project is to update PDE to use EMF and Databinding under the covers. In PDE, we have a lot of models and editors backed by custom code that has shown its age and is difficult to maintain. This is an opportunity to modernize PDE and make it more extensible. <interested student here> Chris Aniszczyk, Benjamin Cabé None
Write Eclipse plug-ins in PHP e4/Languages Leverage one of existing PHP/Java bridges for adding a PHP support into e4 <interested student here> Michael Spector None Zach Habersang from Texas A&M Univ., USA
Rewrite PHP grammar in ANTLR PDT Reasons: <interested student here> Michael Spector None Zach Habersang from Texas A&M Univ., USA
Ant buildfile refactorings Platform Ant Ant buildfiles can become large and complex and would benefit from refactoring. Currently there is no support beyond renaming within a buildfile to allow the developer to efficiently refactor Ant buildfiles. The goals would be to implement an infrastructure to support refactorings in Ant buildfiles, participate in other components refactorings and provide a starter set of Ant buildfile refactorings. See bug 89938 for some initial buildfile refactoring ideas. Darin Swanson Darin Swanson None Yin Qiu from Nanjing Univ., China
XSLT Refactorings Webtools XSL Tools XSL Tools provides editing and debugging support. Currently there is no refactoring support for XSLT 1.0 or XSLT 2.0 stylesheets. Refactorings could include Extract Template, Extract Call Template, etc. Refactorings should participate with the platform refactoring framework. David Carver David Carver None
External XSLT Transformations Webtools XSL Tools Implement a configuration option and launching ability for non java XSLT processors. Particularly add support so that xsltproc could be used as a processor. bug 245743 David Carver David Carver None
XQuery/XPath Parser Webtools XQuery Currently the XQuery Development Tools is using an Antlr xpath parser from the XQPretty project. However this does not currently integrate well with the editor, and a javacc implementation that expands the current XML javacc parser would be ideal. This would leverage and hook into the existing parsing framework for the Structured Source Editor and provide identification of Regions and Partitions for the editor. A bonus would be to have validation of the XQuery syntax as well. See bug 226245 for more information in regards to the XPath 2.0 support. David Carver David Carver None Jin Mingjian, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
VEX (Visual Editor for XML) Multipage Editor support Webtools VEX VEX supports the visual editing in a word processor like feel of a variety of XML formats. With the use of CSS stylesheets for the XML, it can render a WYSIWYG presentation. VEX currently does not have a working Multipage Editor..meaning that switching from the Design view to a source view, the XML is not shown in the source view and not synchronized. The model is EMF based, and the XML editor from WTP is DOM based, this project would leverage the EMF2SSEDOM framework for providing the synchronization between the two. The project is also open to other alternatives, and will allow the candidate wide latitude in experimentation of ways to implement the synchronization. David Carver David Carver None
RelaxNG Validator Webtools Incubator RelaxNG is an alternative schema language to the more widely known XML Schemas and DTDs. This project would implement RelaxNG valadition using the WTP validation framework. This should allow for both the as you type validation, as well as batch validation. David Carver David Carver None
RelaxNG Editor Webtools Incubator Implement a full featured editor for the RelaxNG compact syntax, with optional editing of the RelaxNG XML syntax as well. Should offer syntax highlighting, content assistance, validation against the relaxng specification, file wizards, preference pages, etc. Ideally built off and leverages the Structured Source Editor from WTP. David Carver David Carver None
VEX - Docbook 5 support Webtools VEX Implement a set of CSS stylesheets and appropriate outline views and enhancements for DocBook 5 features. This may require enhancements to the VEX model to support XML Namespaces, and displaying of images. DocBook 4.5 and Simplified Docbook 1.0 are currently supported, and can be used as a basis to provide Docbook 5 support. David Carver David Carver None
XSLT 2.0 content assistance Webtools XSL Tools XSL Tools provides good support for the XSLT 1.0 specification in the way of content assistance. It however does not provide support for some more advance features in XSLT 2.0 like custom functions, and content assistance for these features. Custom functions can be written in xslt 2.0, and then used within the stylesheet within XPath expressions. This allows for the generation of reuseable libraries like FXSL, to be created entirely in XSLT 2.0. David Carver David Carver None
API Tooling for the Extension Registry PDE The goal of this project is to add support to API Tools to work with the extension registry. For example, there are things in extensions that can be considered API. For example, the id of a view can be referenced by anyone. This should be considered API and changing it has the potential of breaking downstream clients. <interested student here> Chris Aniszczyk, Darin Wright None
ECF connections for JDBC and DTP [1] We'd like to find a way to bridge the gap between DTP and ECF to find a way to use a shared connection framework in E4. The idea would be to have an ECF connection for JDBC (would require jdbc url, jar list, uid/pwd, and any other properties) that could then be used to get the raw JDBC connection to be used in DTP... <interested student here> Brian Fitzpatrick, Scott Lewis Brian Fitzpatrick (
JWT View Editor JWT With JWT processes can be modeled in different views: a business view which is more abstract (e.g. in BPMN) or a technical view which includes much more execution details (e.g. using UML activity diagrams with extensions). In order to configure these views, we developed a view editor. But this view editor is currently only usable for the core metamodel. In the meanwhile we developed an aspect-oriented mechanism for vendors to extend the metamodel with their specific details. These aspects need to be considered in the views, but are currently neglected. This project shall extend the existing JWT view editor and adapt the views to the aspects. Florian Lautenbacher Florian Lautenbacher - Melanie Hesselbart, University of Augsburg, Germany
XPath 2.0 W3C Test Suite XSL Tools XSL Tools received a code contribution from the author of the PsychoPath XPath 2.0 java processor. This was developed before the finalized spec so is based on a draft version of the specification. The W3C has created a test suite that implementors of XPath 2.0 can use to verify their implementations. This project would help implement the test suite, identify, and provide patches for the XPath 2.0 processor so that it passes the tests. This is currently tracked in bug 262765. David Carver David Carver - Jin Mingjian, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Objective-C first class IDE Extend CDT to provide a great IDE for Objectivce-C language, see blog entry and bug 68083 Mariot Chauvin someone from CDT

Old ideas can be found at Google Summer of Code 2007 ideas and Google Summer of Code 2008 ideas.

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