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Google Summer of Code 2007 Ideas

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  • Develop an eRCP based gadgets(as in google gadgets) or widgets (as in apple's dashboard widgets) infrastructure for mobile phones.
  • Write a EPL'd protocol implementation for ECF. For example, ECF currently has an EPL'd MSN implementation and needs others.
  • Develop GTK support for the eRCP project
  • Develop a newsreader similar to Pan,Thunderbird but based on Eclipse
  • Provide an Eclipse IDE generation environment derived from a language grammar (Eclipse IDE generator)
  • Full-blown WebDAV client + corresponding Eclipse File System implementation
  • Full-blown FTP client with sftp support + corresponding Eclipse File System implementation
  • Ability to open a file in eclipse from the command line (see #4922)
  • Add full refactoring support to CDT.
  • Add call graph navigation to CDT. When cursor is in a function, allow user to jump to any function that calls this function, or any function that it calls. (within reason) bug 152847
  • Consolidate all the color pickers into a single, well thought out color manager with the ability to save and share color themes. Think inheritance (the PHP editor inherits the HTML and Java editor colors by default, plus adds a few of its own). Extra points for adding custom backgrounds or transparency. Eclipse needs to be made a whole lot prettier.
  • Add online documentation to CDT. Make it so I never need to shell out to read a manpage. I just type the first few letters of the function and it autocompletes and allows me to hit F2 (or whatever) to view full documentation.
  • Add a focus-follows-mouse mode for those of us who don't like having to click all the time (a view is selected the moment the mouse enters it). Also maybe add a keypress to switch between editors when they are tiled.
  • Add the ability to write plugins using jruby or groovy. First research and determine if this would make plugin writing noticeably easier. I think it would just because no compile is needed; you can change code on the fly Emacs Lisp style.
  • Support seamless debugging between JDT and CDT (Java <> JNI <> C). details

More ideas can be found here.

Interested Students

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