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Google Summer of Code 2007 Ideas

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  • Develop an eRCP based gadgets(as in google gadgets) or widgets (as in apple's dashboard widgets) infrastructure for mobile phones.
  • Write a EPL'd protocol implementation for ECF. For example, ECF currently has an EPL'd MSN implementation and needs others.
  • Develop GTK support for the eRCP project
  • Develop a newsreader similar to Pan,Thunderbird but based on Eclipse
  • Provide an Eclipse IDE generation environment derived from a language grammar (Eclipse IDE generator)
  • Full-blown WebDAV client + corresponding Eclipse File System implementation
  • Full-blown FTP client with sftp support + corresponding Eclipse File System implementation
  • Ability to open a file in eclipse from the command line (see #4922)
  • Add full refactoring support to CDT.
  • Add call graph navigation to CDT. When cursor is in a function, allow user to jump to any function that calls this function, or any function that it calls. (within reason) bug 152847
  • Consolidate all the color pickers into a single, well thought out color manager with the ability to save and share color themes. Think inheritance (the PHP editor inherits the HTML and Java editor colors by default, plus adds a few of its own). Extra points for adding custom backgrounds or transparency. Eclipse needs to be made a whole lot prettier.
  • Add online documentation to CDT. Make it so I never need to shell out to read a manpage. I just type the first few letters of the function and it autocompletes and allows me to hit F2 (or whatever) to view full documentation.
  • Add a focus-follows-mouse mode for those of us who don't like having to click all the time (a view is selected the moment the mouse enters it). Also maybe add a keypress to switch between editors when they are tiled.
  • Add the ability to write plugins using jruby or groovy. First research and determine if this would make plugin writing noticeably easier. I think it would just because no compile is needed; you can change code on the fly Emacs Lisp style.
  • Support seamless debugging between JDT and CDT (Java <> JNI <> C). details
  • Support for user-defined refactorings in JDT #144642
  • More work on mercurial support [1]
  • More work on git support [2]
  • Drupal provider for ECF that implements the Bulletin Board API.
  • Write an Eclipse plugin to integrate with the Online Marking Tool (OLM), so that students can view the detailed comments that graders have made about their code.

More ideas can be found here.

Interested Students

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