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Google Summer of Code 2006

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Eclipse is participating in Google's Summer of Code 2006. Currently, we have Wayne Beaton, Philippe Ombredanne, and Gunnar Wagenknecht as potential mentors.For more information, please see The Eclipse SOC Landing Page.

Eclipse mentors, sign up here (an administrator -- Wayne or Philippe -- will have to accept your application). After you've signed up (and have been accepted), visit the Mentor home page.

Project Ideas

  • Most popular bugs/feature requests: provide a patches or fixes for any open bugzilla with at least 20 votes.
  • Cross platform Eclipse SWT embedded Firefox browser widget. This is one of the longest standing and most asked for Eclipse feature.
  • Eclipse JavaScript debugger: develop a working JavaScript debugging environment relying on an integration with the major browsers and available debuggers
  • Eclipse IDE generator: building on some previous research work (Chris Laffra), provide an Eclipse IDE generation environment derived from a language grammar. This project would allow the creation of basic support of new or existing languages in Eclipse rapidly.
  • Add support for printing in Eclipse on Linux. yes! It does not have proper support.
  • Eclipse Mono Development Environment: a feature rich .Net development platform for Eclipse.
  • New Eclipse update manager: Eclipse current update manager is four years old and ridden with significant problems. This project would provide with a modern and original design for an automated software update for plugins and natives, if possible generic for OSGi based runtimes and could provide original inputs for the revamp of update in 3.3 to the platform team.
  • Eclipse key macros: this is one of the most requested and oldest pending feature on Eclipse. Think something like emacs style macros done right.
  • Eclipse key bindings manager: add support to Eclipse to create arbitrary bindings between keys and actions, even when not planned ahead by a plugin developer.
  • Eclipse multiple fast view bars: add support for multiple fast view bars in Eclipse (Only one is supported for now.)... and earn Erich Gamma gratitude for doing so as a bonus.
  • NetBeans in Eclipse: netclipse: the plugins models for Eclipse and NetBeans are very similar yet different. This project would provide the ability to run and embed a minimal NetBeans environment within Eclipse -- as Eclipse plugins-- , and support running NetBeans plugins like Matisse (Swing UI painter) or Coyote (dynamic languages toolkit).
  • Eclipse plugin search plugin: provide an Eclipse search function that makes searching navigation and browsing in the plugin code easier.
  • Eclipse RCP installer wizards: create Eclipse wizards to generate native graphical installers and packages for the major platforms: Windows , MacOSX, and Linux is, deb, emerge, rpms for an Eclipse Rich Client Platforma application.
  • Eclipse Open Office Inegration: provide OpenOffice as a set of minimal Eclipse plugins for each platforms integrated in Eclipse and packaged for RCP deployment
  • Eclipse install based manager: provide application and support for managing a large deployment of Eclipse based clients, including pushed updates and client configurations.
  • Mylar Wiki integration, enabling context and integrated authoring for Wiki-based pages and and tasks.
  • Mylar and ECF integration, enabling task contexts to be shared synchronously between developers.

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