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Google Summer of Code

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The Eclipse Foundation participates in Google's Summer of Code. Thank you for your interest in Eclipse. Eclipse is a great place to spend a summer learning, coding, participating and contributing. We are an exciting open source project with a vibrant community, and we look forward to your application and your project ideas.

A good way to meet those involved with the program is to participate in the soc-dev mailing list, or visit the #eclipse-soc and #eclipse IRC channels on Freenode.

The program is administered by Jelena Alter and Wayne Beaton. It's best if you use the public communication channel whenever possible; however, if you need to communicate in private, please feel free to send Jelena or Wayne a note (please use the public channels for any project-related discussion).

Current Year

This year´s Gsoc is over! Thank you all for your participation

Application phase is over- Mentors and students have been selected- It´s time to code

We have submitted an application as a mentoring organisation for Google Summer of Code 2014.


Students: you can see some of the project ideas from 2013 on the Google Summer of Code 2013 Ideas page. You'll find a ideas page for the 2014 program here.

There is a link on that page to "helpwanted" bugs. There are a lot of potential projects in there. Have a look.

Feel free to make your own suggestions.

Sign up for the soc-dev list to connect with our mentors and other members of the Eclipse GSoC community.


Sign up to participate here on the Eclipse Google Summer of Code page. Note that you are not committing any real time by just signing up. When the time comes, you will be given an opportunity to volunteer to mentor one or more projects of your choosing.

Add your ideas to the Google Summer of Code 2014 Ideas page. Mark bugs you care about with the "helpwanted" keyword.

Sign up for the soc-dev list to connect with students and other members of the Eclipse GSoC community.

Please keep in mind that--for this to work--you will be required to invest some time looking at student proposals for projects that you might not necessarily have a direct interested in. We still value your input on these proposals.

Ongoing Projects

Every project appreciates input. We recommend that you take a look around Eclipse to see if there is anything you find particularly interesting. If you do find a project that you're interested in, take a look at their bugs to see if there are any problems that you feel you can solve.

If you're looking for a project that is particularly student-friendly, consider the following:

Current Year

Ideas Page for Gsoc2014

Past Years

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