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==Past Years==
==Past Years==
* [[Google Summer of Code 2006]]
* [[Google Summer of Code 2006]]
[[Category:How to Contribute]]

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The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce the Eclipse project will once again be participating in Google's Summer of Code this year.

Thank you for your interest in Eclipse. Eclipse is a great place to spend a summer learning, coding, participating and contributing. We are an exciting open source project with a vibrant community, and we look forward to your application and your project ideas.

A good way to meet those involved with the program is to visit the #eclipse-soc and #eclipse IRC channels on Freenode.

The program is administered by Philippe Ombredanne ( philippe dot ombredanne at eclipse dot org ) and Wayne Beaton (wayne dot beaton at eclipse dot org).


Next Year

Planning has already begun for next year's Summer of Code.

Current Year

Past Years

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