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  • Add a column for which sub-project this is associated with
  • Add a column for the namespace identifier of each of these where appropriate

Term Definition
Data Broker This is the component where all the web services that share data register themselves
Client API & web UI COSMOS components used to access or visualize data from multiple MDRs or Data Managers
Data Adapter Is a product-specific component that is implemented by each product to share its data
Data Collection Runtime
Data Manager Is a component that hosts one or more Data Adapters, and handles communication with the COSMOS environment
Domain model The root of an SML-IF document. Contains a set of definition and instance documents SML Spec
Definition Documents The subset of documents in a model that describes the schemas and rules that govern the structure and content of the model’s documents. The SML-IF specification defines two kinds of definition documents - XML Schema documents that conform to SML’s profile of XML Schema, and rule documents that conform to SML’s profile of Schematron. SML Spec
Instance Documents The subset of documents in a model that describe the structure and content of the modeled entities. SML Spec
Management Annotation
Management Domain
Management Interfaces
Metadata Registry
Query API
Resource domain A set of definition and/or template documents that can be used to build define a domain
Resource Model editor An editor that can create domain model instances, based on a set of predefined templates
SML-IF SML-Interchange Format. This is a way to aggregate and share SML definitions and instances, identifying the aggregation and defining document aliases and rule bindings. See also the SML Spec
SML-IF instance validation The process of validating the content of an SML-IF resource, including SML instance documents contained by the SML-IF resource, applying any Schematron rules defined as a definition document and bound to SML instances. See also the SML Spec
SML Repository APIs A set of APIs used to retrieve SML documents from a repository implementation. COSMOS provides a file-system based repository.
SML validation The action of validating SML documents. The SML specification extends both the XML Schema 1.0 and Schematron specifications.
Template document An SML instance defining a common pattern that can be re-used and adapted in different domain models
Template editor An editor that can create definition and template documents

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