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Gitlab instance:


  • Global notification settings are in your profile:
  • Group notificaton settings are also in your profile
  • To "watch" a project, go to that project page. The notification bell at the top left can be changed to watch.


Quick actions



Migrating Git + Bugzilla to Gitlab: Please file an issue in Eclipse Foundation > Gitlab

and see this issue for Bug migration to Gitlab

Migration FAQ

Q: Big picture - what is involved in migrating a repository from github to gitlab?

A: First step is to cordinate the move with your community. Then, filing a Gitlab issue at

Q:What is the learning curve for contributors?

A: As far as I can tell, it is close in functionality to Github.

Q: Are there contribution procedures in place for contributors to Eclipse projects?

A: The same ones as found at Github.

Q: Does ECA check work the same?

A: Yes!

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