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GitLab instance:

GitLab has a similar functionality set compared to GitHub. A GitHub Pull Request is analogous to a a GitLab Merge Request. Below is a quick cheat sheet for getting productive with GitLab


  • Global notification settings are in your profile:
  • Group notificaton settings are also in your profile
  • To "watch" a project, go to that project page. The notification bell at the top left can be changed to watch.

Contributing code

While project committers can commit to the repositories directly, contributors must use Merge Requests (MR). In fact, project committers can (should?) also use the Merge Request model to trigger code review.

There are many methods to trigger a Merge Request. They are all described here:


Quick actions



Migrating Git + Bugzilla to Gitlab: Please file an issue in Eclipse Foundation > Gitlab

Migration FAQ

Q: Big picture - what is involved in migrating a repository from github to gitlab?

A: First step is to cordinate the move with your community. Then, filing a Gitlab issue at

Q:What is the learning curve for contributors?

A: As far as I can tell, it is close in functionality to Github.

Q: Are there contribution procedures in place for contributors to Eclipse projects?

A: The same ones as found at Github.

Q: Does ECA check work the same?

A: Yes!

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