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(Background: Add Eclipse repo best practises bug)
(Known git repositories for Eclipse projects: Add core.resoures core.tests.resources ui.ide)
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* [[Swordfish Documentation: GIT Repository]]
* [[Swordfish Documentation: GIT Repository]]
* [[SWTBot]]:
* [[SWTBot]]:
== Platform Plugins ==
* [[Core Resources]]:
* [[Core Resources Tests]]:
* [[UI IDE]] :
= Meetings and Resources =
= Meetings and Resources =

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  • bug 257706 Host a git repository on Eclipse Foundation servers, support git as the repository of Eclipse projects
    • bug 257706#c63 Mike M. on potential problems with git at the Foundation
  • bug 249745 Eclipse Repository Best Practices
  • EGit/Proposal

Setting up git

Using the EGit integration

Contributing to EGit

If you want to get involved with EGit, please see our Google Code project site:

Known open issues are listed here, along with the clone URL for the Git repository containing the project's code. Loading it into Eclipse is as simple as importing the existing projects from the checked-out repository. Please see SUBMITTING_PATCHES in the top level directory for information on how to send contributions in.

Known git repositories for Eclipse projects

Platform Plugins

Meetings and Resources

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