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Getting start on STP.SC

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Ten steps to get started on stp service creation development (Last updated on Sep 18th)

home page

check out the source code

* following instruction on eclipse site to check out /cvsroot/stp
* Development conventions and Guidelines
* dependency.

presentation on stp

service creation plugins structure


jsr plugins

Please download JSR API plugins from It contains: javax.jws, javax.xml.bind,, plugins. We have filled Eclipse IPZilla for those APIs, and will add them to Orbit once passed the review.

apache cxf and tuscany runtime

 *Tuscany SCA Java 0.99 for SCA development
*Apache CXF 2.0.1 for JAX-WS development
*Sun JAX-WS RI 1.2.1 for JAX-WS development


* register to bugzilla



weekly meeting

Every Thursday 11:00 CET

unittest and build


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