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== Features to come ==
== Features to come ==
* [ Tables from Papyrus or Sirius]  :[[gendoc/developerResources/PapyrusSiriusTables | get into more details]]  
* [ Tables from Papyrus or Sirius]  :[[gendoc/developerResources/PapyrusSiriusTables | See sample usage]]  
* [  XLSX, ODS and CSV document generation ]  [[gendoc/developerResources/XSLXSample | get into more details]]
* [  XLSX, ODS and CSV document generation ]  [[gendoc/developerResources/XSLXSample | See sample usage]]

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Welcome to Gendoc Wiki

Getting started

  • Install Gendoc update site to your existing Eclipse platform from Downloads page
  • Restart your Eclipse platform
  • From a Papyrus model, right click and select "generate document with Gendoc". Select default template and choose between a Docx (MS Word) or Odt (OpenOffice Writer) document format.
  • Select target directory in your Eclipse workspace
  • Refresh your workspace and open the generated file with default system application.



Extensions / Related projects

Developer Resources

Features to come

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