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Gerrit is a web based code review system that seamlessly integrates with git. Gerrit is the preferred way to contribute to DBAccess. Using Gerrit at is desctibed on Gerrit. The DBAccess specifics and some hints will be described below.

Accessing Gerrit through your Browser

The following URL shows you all open changes for the Gemini DBAccess project:,n,z

If you want to see all Gerrit changes for DBAccess:,n,z

IP Process

The IP process for Gerrit is described here: Development Resources/Handling Git Contributions#Gerrit


To setup your access to Gerrit follow the documentation Gerrit#Logon. You should perform the following steps:

  1. Add the DBAccess project to the list of projects you watch:
    • Add the the following project name: gemini.dbaccess/org.eclipse.gemini.dbaccess and select all attributs (New Changes, All Comments, Submitted Changes)
  2. Upload your SSH public keys to Gerrit if you wish to use SSH:

Eclipse IDE Configuration

The Gerrit code repository can either be accessed via ssh or https. To clone and import the DBAccess project into your workspace, please follow the description EGit/User_Guide#Cloning_Remote_Repositories.

Note: the import can be largly simplified by choosing "Gerrit" in the import wizard at step "Select Repository Source". You then press the "Add" Button. The "Servers" field offers you a drop down list, which contains the " Reviews" entry. Choose that, and press "Finish". The following screen shows you all projects at which use the Gerrit code review. You then select "gemini.dbaccess/org.eclipse.gemini.dbaccess" (you can use the filter "dbaccess" to easily find this entry from the list). Just confirm the following dialogs. The result is

  • a workspace that contains all dbaccess projects,
  • a local clone of the DBAccess git repository; change to the "Git Repository Exploring" perspective to see the repository.

Depending on the protocol you want to use, the following URIs represent the DBAccess repository:




How to Sync a Change from Gerrit

In order to sync a change from Gerrit (that has not yet been merge into the git repository), you first need to perform the steps described in the previous sections. Then

  1. Change to the "Git Repository Exploring" perspective to see the repository.
  2. Choose "Fetch from Gerrit" in the context menu of the repository.
  3. Press CTRL-Space to see a filtered list of all Gerrit changes.
  4. Choose the change you are interested in.

Your workspace now reflects the state of the selected change. 14:48, 4 April 2012 (UTC)

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