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Building Gemini Blueprint

Release Instructions

Pre-req's: Java 5 in addition to preferred Java version. Maven 2.0.x is known to work; 3.0.x may work.

For example, for 1.0.1.M01:

Step 1 - update version, build, test:

  1. git checkout -b milestone-prep
  2. mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=1.0.1.M01
  3. find . -name "*.versionsBackup" -exec rm {} \;
  4. check Spring version properties in main pom.xml
  5. update changelog and its version/date
  6. find . -name "" and update ignore.gemini.blueprint.version to 1.0.1.M01
  7. if blueprint schema needs to be changed:
    1. add the file gemini-blueprint-<version>.xsd to core/src/main/resources/org/eclipse/gemini/blueprint/config
    2. update the version attribute of the xsd:schema element of the above file
    3. update .schema files (especially the aliases) // There are no .schema files
    4. update xml files in META-INF/spring which refer to the latest version of the eclipse-gemini-blueprint.xsd schema
  8. switch to Java 5
  9. disconnect network
  10. Build and test using:
    1. mvn clean install -Pit,equinox
  11. reconnect network
  12. switch back to Java 6 or later

Step 2 - generate release artifacts: <work in progress>

The following are old notes for Spring DM. Need to update them for Gemini Blueprint!

Spring Dynamic Modules release procedure

Step 2: Generate release artifacts

  1. generate javadocs (connected to internet) - mvn javadoc:javadoc javadoc:jar
  2. add sources - mvn source:jar (outputDirectory doesn't work)
  3. add libs - mvn dependency:copy-dependencies -DoutputDirectory=../target/libs -P equinox,samples
    1. this allows duplicates to be removed
    2. assemble plugin will pick this location and include in the distributed artifacts
  4. switch to java 6
  5. generate documentation - cd docs; mvn clean pre-site (used to be docbkx:generate-html docbkx:generate-pdf)
  6. switch back to java 5

Public (NOT RC, Mx) releases: change distributionManagement to

mvn -P equinox -Dmaven.test.skip=true deploy -DperformRelease

 -DaltDeploymentRepository=local::default::file:/d:/work/study/osgi/repo during the deploy command.
              <maven-sync-root></maven-sync-root> is a checkout of

Milestone releases: mvn -P equinox -Dmaven.test.skip=true deploy -DperformRelease

 -DaltDeploymentRepository=local::default::file:/e:/tmp/spring-osgi.dist/[version]/repo during the deploy command.
  1. run release project - cd release; rm -rf target; mvn -o -P equinox package -Dmaven.test.skip=true
    1. add cglib (2.2.0)
    2. add jetty/tomcat activator sources+jars
  2. check version and format on both javadocs & docs
  3. update maven archetype
  4. update readme.txt/readme-libraries.txt
  5. final search for XXX-SNAPSHOT to see whether it is referred to somewhere
  1. the assembly already created the artifacts under release/target. You just need to add the sources under src/ folder.
  2. add Incubator in the name
  3. commit sources with stable revisions
  4. do SVN export to provide the sources (should find a better way) and add them to the with-dependencies archive. Check what modules should be excluded (docs/release/lib) - archive the sources into a zip (since building causes leftovers)
  5. delete local maven repo
  6. try to build the project from the sources
  7. if everything works out okay, put the sources in the archive,make tag and increase version to 1.1.X-SNAPSHOT tag
  1. run the mvn deploy target above but this time w/o the altDeploymentRepository (for milestones)
    1. to get the same binaries in the zip and in the repo

Step 3 - upload artifacts:

  1. upload ZIP to Eclipse
  2. create zip for javadocs, docs, and *.txt
  3. update online schemas at ???
  1. tag git repository for the version
  2. increment project version to n.n.n.BUILD-SNAPSHOT and commit
  1. update the downloads page
  2. announce forums and mailing list

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