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Revision as of 08:06, 16 March 2017 by (Talk | contribs) (Updated with regard to the changed release process)

Releasing Gemini Blueprint 2.x

Pre-req's: JDK 1.8. Maven 3.3.x.

Step 1 - execute staging release

Execute the Hudson release staging build ( After execution, test the staged artifacts. Go to and switch to the nexus managed repositories:


There, select the orgeclipsegemini-[NNN] repository created by the build. Download and test the artifacts contained therein: - Are all expected release artifacts contained? - Are the artifacts versioned as expected?

Step 2 - publish the release (or drop it)

If you are satisfied with the staged artifacts, copy the staging repo id (e.g., "orgeclipsegemini-1001" in /service/local/repositories/orgeclipsegemini-1001/content/). Provide this as a parameter to the Gemini Blueprint Release job ( This will irrevocably release the artifacts to maven central. In case you want to discard the staged artifacts execute the Gemini Blueprint Drop Staged Release Job ( with the same repository ID.

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