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Ganymede/For Users

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This page is for consumers of the Ganymede Simultaneous Release. Testers and early adopters should find this page useful.

Downloadable Zips

The EPP project provides zip bundles for the Ganymede release: Ganymede Packages

Or download individual zips from the projects' download pages.

For a list of the individual project builds that make up each Ganymede milestone, see Ganymede/Signoffs.

Update Manager Sites

There are three ways to get Ganymede project releases through the Software Updates mechanism.

First, install Eclipse 3.4 (SDK or Platform Runtime Binary) from Then point your Update Manager at the Ganymede Update Site

New and Noteworthy

The following pages provide details of the new features and enhancements provided in some of the Ganymede projects:

Note: Since Ganymede has been released as of June 2008, the information below is left for historical value only

Milestones and Release Candidate Dates

See Ganymede Milestones for the latest full schedule.

M2 Oct 9 Oct 20
M3 Nov 20
M4 Jan 11
M5 Feb 26
M6 - API Freeze
M7 - RC0
Ganymede June 25


Eclipse projects have three communication channels: a mailing list for developers, a newsgroup for users, and Bugzilla. Ganymede, although not a "project" per se, will use the same structure:

  • cross-projects-issues-dev [1] - mailing list for developers and releng
  • eclipse.simultaneous-release (TBC) - newsgroup for users
  • bugzilla (new & search) Eclipse Foundation > Community > Cross-Project

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