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GMF Dev Call 20070522

Revision as of 10:59, 18 July 2007 by Unnamed Poltroon (Talk)

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  • Richard Gronback
  • Anthony Hunter
  • Linda Damus
  • Artem Tikhomirov
  • Alex Shatalin
  • Max Feldman
  • Mohammed Mostafa


  • We need the patch attached to bugzilla 180772 NLS33: Unexternalized string in problems filter to be submitted by the code gen team
    • Tooling team will take a look at this bug and commit
  • Is there any plan on the Code Gen side to start Profiling the Performance, Memory Consumption and Memory leaks in the generated code?
    • Yes, this has been started internally at Borland. Results to follow in the form of bugzillas.
  • What is our strategy regarding backward/forward compatibility story?
    • Resolution is to provide migration from 1.0 tooling models to 2.0, along with published guidelines. No backward compatibility is planned for 2.0 tooling models generating code that will run in 1.0 runtime environment.
  • GMF Diagram Runtime needs to start thinking about the canonical edit polices issues raised by the Code Gen Team, specially the ones that require conceptual change in the way canonical edit policy works, also we need to agree on the severity
    • Rich will create a wiki for proposed plan items for the (tentatively numbered) 2.1 release cycle.

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