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==== CustomNodeLayoutExample ====
* '''class [ org.eclipse.gef4.layout.examples.CustomNodeLayoutExample]'''
==== FilterLayoutExample ====
==== FilterLayoutExample ====
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<!-- Remove:
==== FisheyeLayoutExample ====
* '''class [ org.eclipse.gef4.layout.examples.FisheyeLayoutExample]'''
==== FullyMeshedLayoutExample ====
==== FullyMeshedLayoutExample ====
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<!-- Remove:
==== SimpleLayoutExample ====
* '''class [ org.eclipse.gef4.layout.examples.SimpleLayoutExample]'''
==== SpringLayoutExample ====
==== SpringLayoutExample ====

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Examples (undeployed)

  • bundle: org.eclipse.gef4.layout.examples

The examples provided by Examples demonstrate how to use the API provided by GEF4 Layout. They are not deployed on our update-sites and have to checked out in source (org.eclipse.gef4.layout.examples) from our GEF4 Git repository. In order to have the example plug-in compile properly, all other required GEF4 bundles will either have to be installed (in a matching version) into your running eclipse platform (if this is used as target), added to a target definition (the target definitions contained in may be augmented for this purpose), or checked out in source as well. You will also have to install e(fx)clipse in your running eclipse instance and target platform (see GEF Project Contributor Guide for details on how to obtain the sources and setup your workspace). Having prepared everything as outlined before, the standalone example might easily be started by launching one of the following example classes from org.eclipse.gef4.layout.examples via the context menu ('Run As' -> 'Java Application').


The CustomLayoutExample demonstrates how a custom ILayoutAlgorithm can be realized.



The FilterLayoutExample demonstrates usage of an ILayoutFilter.



The FullyMeshedLayoutExample demonstrates how the RadialLayoutAlgorithm re-layouts when adding nodes.



The RadialLayoutExample demonstrates the RadialLayoutAlgorithm.



The SpringLayoutProgressExample demonstrates the SpringLayoutAlgorithm.



The SpringLayoutProgressExample demonstrates how the SpringLayoutAlgorithm internally computes its layout in succeeding steps.



The SugiyamaLayoutExample demonstrates the SugiyamaLayoutAlgorithm.


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