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Note to non-wiki readers: This documentation is generated from the Eclipse wiki - if you have corrections or additions it would be awesome if you added them in the original wiki page.


The GEF4 Cloudio component provides support for visualizing tag clouds within a dedicated SWT Canvas or JFace viewer. It is internally decomposed into the single Cloudio.UI module. There are also a couple of undeployed Cloudio UI Examples that demonstrate usage of the (still internal) API. The user documentation is provided in terms of the GEF4 Cloudio User Guide.



  • feature: org.eclipse.gef4.cloudio.ui
  • bundle: org.eclipse.gef4.cloudio.ui

The Cloudio.UI module of GEF4 Cloudio realizes the Tag cloud view end-user features, as outlined in the GEF4 Cloudio User Guide. It does not provide any public API.

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