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G-Eclipse/Meeting Minutes/2009-06-09

Meeting Title: g-Eclipse Conference Call
Date & Time: Tuesday June 9, 2009 at 1500 UTC / 0700 SFO / 1000 NYC / 1500 London / 1600 Berlin
Dial-in: The conference calls are open to the public, and we invite everyone to participate. All you need is an Internet connection, the EVO software, and a EVO user id. You can get everything you need at


  • Ariel Garcia
  • Pawel Wolniewisc
  • Harald Kornmayer


  • Sylva Girtelschmid
  • Markus Knauer


  • Review document is now in the CVS at FZK. We should limit the document to minimal requirements. We aim for a review in July. IP Clearance needed, but due the galileo release we don't expect resources form

Ariel will contribute to the bugzilla section and have a look to IP questions too. Mathias volonteered for the architecture. Pawel will contribue to the communities. Harald takes care on the project plan and schedule.


  • contributing to the release review document (ALL)


  • JSDL problem from earlier meeting
  • data management, what is the status of the reported issues?

Additional Topics

  • Ariel asked about the progress concerning the data management problems with LFC. Performance issues were reported while opening a folder on a Grid storage element. Can we identified were the performance leak is coming from? We have a cache mechanism which can be on our side or the Grid is not performant enough. The general problem if it is the Grid or the g-Eclipse framework.
  • Pawel report on problems with certificates form Baltic Grid CA which prevents to use g-Eclipse there. Seems that communication between services is not working. Pawel will follow this, but it looks like the normal EGEE mess!
  • Ariel mentioned the problem of a user (from Wuppertal) who does not see WMS services for altas. Is there a connection with new CREAM interfaces. Can be problems with the BDII used or with our implementation.
  • Pawel reported on the ACAT paper being accepted.
  • Harald and Markus have a meeting with Amazon developers.

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