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G-Eclipse/Meeting Minutes/2009-04-21

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  • Harald Kornmayer
  • Sylva Girtelschmid
  • Ariel Garcia
  • Thomas Köckerbauer


  • Markus is on a JAX today


Markus is back from holiday and this has to be highest priority.

  • There is currently no need for a new release due to not much changes.
  • Sylva faces some problems with GILDA certificates revocation lists (CRL).
  • Contribution questionnaire for ssh was sent was sent by Ariel and ist waiting for

the PMC to confirm it. IP-Zilla number

  • gzlib-CQ is still pending. Ariel will take care on it.
  • Thomas is working on MDS for GT4 and have currently problems with his exisiting test server.

Ariel will contact a D-Grid contact again to get the endpoint for MDS-4.

  • Thomas reported on a CREAM bug. Deleting a job creates a NPE. This should be solved asap!
  • Harald is working on a Google implementation!
  • Thomas reported on a meeting with local user groups in Munich. There is disucssion about

integrating with P2P.

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