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| website  =
| website  =
| list      = flux-dev
| list      = flux-dev
| newsgroup =
| irc      = #eclipse-orion
| irc      = #eclipse-orion
| product  = Flux
| product  = Flux

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Flux (originally proposed as "Flight") is a proposed new open source project under the Eclipse Technology project. This project aims at designing and implementing a new architecture and infrastructure for integrating development tools across desktop, browser, and servers. The goal is to provide an extremely flexible platform and infrastructure that allows new cloud-based tooling components to be built highly decoupled from each other and that bridges the gap to existing desktop IDEs at the same time. You can read more detail in the Project Proposal. The proposed initial contribution for Flux can be found in the flight627 GitHub repository.


Some recent articles and media on Flux:

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