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== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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This application is an identity selector implemented in FireFox, in two pieces - (1)a FireFox Add-on that is used to select i-cards to present to Relying Parties, and (2) a web application used to manage (create, edit, update, delete) i-cards. A brief Flash demo is available.

End-User Perspective


To use this solution you must:

  1. Follow the instructions here: Embedded-Selector For Firefox Installation to install the this Higgins extension into Firefox.
  2. After re-starting your browser the setup wizard will help you set up your account on the free test server.


Getting a Card.You should now be able to import Microsoft CardSpace-compatible managed cards from i-card issuing sites. Here are some to experiment with:

Most sites work roughly like this:

  • You go to the issuing site, and create a card.
  • If the site provides a link to your new card (.crd file), then the browser extension will pop up and automatically import it into the selector.
  • If, on the other hand, you have a .crd file on your hard drive, there is an import button in the i-card manager interface (see next step below) to manually import it into the selector.
  • If you click on the "mouse" button that has been added next to your "home" icon at the top of the Firefox window, the "i-card manager" web app will appear in a new tab within your browser. You should be able to see your card(s) here. You can select a card and delete it if you wish.

Logging in with a card. Here are a few i-card enabled websites that you can try:

Known bugs

  • There is a FireFox bug #401611 superceded by #409888 that prevents the selector from appearing on certain RPs in FF and later. Still broken as of To address this a workaround fix has been implemented with 222142 and is available in the latest HBX release.

Deployer Perspective

This overall solution is comprised of these three sub-systems which must be built and deployed:

  1. Deploying the Embedded-Selector Extension for Firefox
  2. Deploying the Higgins I-Card Manager Service
  3. Deploying the I-Card Service

Developer Perspective


For Higgins 1.0 the Web-based identity selector only supports integration with Firefox on Windows and Mac OSX. Support for other browsers and platforms is under active development.

The Firefox implementation uses an embedded i-card selector within the Higgins Embedded-Selector Extension for Firefox. This has been available since 1.0M4.

HigginsFFEmbeddedSel1 B100 v2.1.PNG


This section describes the steps a developer would use to build deployable artifacts. The next section describes how to deploy them to create a runnable system.

This overall solution is comprised of the following sub-systems which must be built separately.

  1. Building the Higgins Browser Extension for Firefox
  2. Building the Higgins I-Card Manager Service
  3. Building the Higgins I-Card Service

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