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FAQ What is the Eclipse Foundation?

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From a small IBM-led project, Eclipse has grown into a framework deployed by a wide assortment of commercial backers. The Eclipse Foundation is a true open source project, with a board of directors governing the direction of the core platform and an ever-growing number of technologies and projects built on it. As a completely independent organization since February 2004, the foundation has a suitably complex organizational structure and plenty of exciting legal documents that you can read at Each of the more than 40 foundation members has either direct or indirect representation on the board of directors, along with two representatives from the community of Eclipse committers. Most importantly, all the member companies are following the Eclipse charter by making a commitment to release Eclipse-compatible offerings and to provide continued support for the community of users, researchers, and developers. It is remarkable how quickly Eclipse has grown from a small internal project into the enabling platform for all kinds of areas, such as application development, modeling, programming language research, and so on.

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