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FAQ How do I launch the preference page that belongs to my plug-in?

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Sometimes, you want to allow the user to edit preferences for your plug-in quickly, without manually opening the Preference dialog via Window > Preferences and locating the page for your plug-in. You can do this by launching the Preference dialog yourself with a customized PreferenceManager, a class responsible for building the tree of preference nodes available on the left-hand side of the Preference dialog.

For each preference page you want to display, create a PreferenceNode instance that contains a reference to your page and some unique page ID. Pages are then added to a preference manager. If you want to create a hierarchy of pages, use the PreferenceManager method addTo, where the path is a period-delimited series of page IDs above the page being added. Finally, create an instance of PreferenceDialog, passing in the preference manager you have created. Here is sample code for opening the Preference dialog on a single preference page called MyPreferencePage:

IPreferencePage page = new MyPreferencePage();
PreferenceManager mgr = new PreferenceManager();
IPreferenceNode node = new PreferenceNode("1", page);
PreferenceDialog dialog = new PreferenceDialog(shell, mgr);

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