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Extending or Contributing to Buckminster

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If you are going to be working with Buckminster itself, writing your own extensions, or provide patches, you should first install Buckminster as described in The Definitive Guide. As Buckminster source is stored in a Subversion repository, you need to install either a Subversive or a Subclipse client.

Installation for Buckminster contributors

Set up a platform agnostic target platform

Prior to resolving this query you MUST ensure that your workspace is set up with a target platform containing the Eclipse SDK and the delta pack.

  1. Go to Window -> Preferences -> Plugin-In Development -> Target Platform and select Add...
  2. A wizard pops up. On the first page, check Nothing: Start with an empty target definition
  3. On the next page, give you definition a Name such as "Eclipse SDK with delta pack".
  4. Click Add... (under the Locations tab).
  5. An Add Content Dialog pops up. Select Software Site
  6. Select The Eclipse Project Updates site and the Eclipse SDK feature for install.
  7. Uncheck the Include required software
  8. Check the Include all environmnents
  9. Click Finish to get back to the Target Content page
  10. Click Finish to get back to the Preferences page
  11. Select (put a check mark in) the new platform to make it current.
  12. Click OK

We recommend that you restart your Eclipse at this point although it should not be strictly necessary.

Populating the workspace

  1. Execute one of the following component queries - (Select "File" > "Open a Component Query", and paste in out of these URL's depending on which version you want:
  1. Press "Resolve & Materialize" in the CQUERY editor that appears
  2. Buckminster will now fetch and build Buckminster from source.

More elaborate patches to Buckminster

If you are going to contribute code to Buckminster in the form of patches, you may want to look at some of the coding policies and conventions used by Buckminster Committers.

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