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Extending or Contributing to Buckminster

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If you are going to be working with Buckminster itself, writing your own extensions, or provide patches, you should first install Buckminster as described in Installing Buckminster. As Buckminster source is stored in a Subversion repository, you need to install either a Subversive or a Subclipse client, as described on the Installing Buckminster page.

Installation for Buckminster contributors

In addition to a regular install of Eclipse, and Buckminster, you will also need to install the RCP Delta Pack. Once the delta pack is in place, you can use Buckminster to get all of the source for Buckminster itself.

When resolving this query you MUST ensure that your Eclipse installation is 3.4 and contains the RCP delta pack.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the latest release.
  3. Navigate to the RCP SDK section where you will find a download link for the "RCP delta pack" zip.
  4. Download and unpack into your Eclipse installation directory. (unzip it in the eclipse install-directory that holds "plugins" and "features")
  5. Restart Eclipse and execute one of the following component queries - (Select "File" > "Open a Component Query", and paste in out of these URL's depending on which version you want:
  1. Press "Resolve & Materialize" in the CQUERY editor that appears
  2. Buckminster will now fetch and build Buckminster from source.

More elaborate patches to Buckminster

If you are going to contribute code to Buckminster in the form of patches, you may want to look at some of the coding policies and conventions used by Buckminster Committers.

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