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Example Shared Text Editor

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ECF Committer Ken Gilmer has implemented a shared text editor in the org.eclipse.ecf.example.collab.editor plugin.

Please get the plugin from anonymous CVS. See the ECF dev resources page

Here are instructions for usage:

  1. First create a text file in a project.
  2. Go to eclipse preferences, team->ECF Editor Sharing. Adjust connection parameters as necessary. (
  3. Right click on file and select Team -> Initiate Shared Session (
  4. At this point, you have created a shared editor instance. Now others can connect.
  5. Load another instance of eclipse, configure such that they point to the same server and share container names.
  6. File->New->Collaboration->Shared Editor Session. (
  7. The dialog will now show a window asking for local container, and will list all active editor sessions. These sessions are global to the ECF container name specified in preferences. (
  8. Select your file. The editor will be created, and saved to whatever project container is specified.
  9. Start typing. You should see changes on both editors. (

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