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=== Conferences ===
=== Conferences ===
* [ EclipseCon 2013], March 25-28, Boston
* [ EclipseCon 2013], March 25-28, Boston
* EclipseCon France, June 5-6, Toulouse
* [ EclipseCon France], June 5-6, Toulouse
* EclipseCon Europe, Oct 29-31, Ludwigsburg
=== Eclipse Days ===
=== Eclipse Days ===

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This page lists conferences, gatherings, and events by and for the Eclipse community.

Upcoming Events


Eclipse Days

See the Eclipse Day wiki page.

Eclipse DemoCamps

The next round of DemoCamps will be in June. For a list of the last round of DemoCamp, see this wiki page.

Past Events

See Events/Past for links to links to Eclipsepedia pages about past Eclipse Days, summits, workshops, and other events organized or sponsored by the Eclipse Foundation.

Eclipse Training Classes

See a current schedule of Eclipse training classes taught by Foundation member companies.

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