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Europa Minutes 2007.05.23

Update Manager

Mik reports that Dejan fixed bug 132450 - yahoo! Apparently "search for updates" just works now, regardless of whether you specify dependencies on features or plug-ins.

STP Not Using Four-Part Version Numbers

Must-do #4 is four-part version numbers. All the projects are doing that except STP. Why is STP not using four-part version numbers? The team on the call recalls that STP had said they would do so before this date.

Later: Oisin reports that their RC1 will have four-part version numbers.

Archive References In Site.Xml

Two projects (STP and Buckminster) are referencing external-to-Eclipse libraries using the archive tag in the site.xml. The legal status of this is questionable/not-yet-determined. We (the Europa team) are concerned about (a) setting a precedent and (b) having to exclude projects at the last minute if they are found to be violating IP policy.

Later: I spoke to Oisin (STP), Thomas (Buckminster), and Janet (Eclipse Legal). The solution we are going to adopt is:

  1. Buckminster will not reference the outside library. Instead Buckminster will document that the Buckminster Subversion feature will not install unless a Subversion Team feature is installed first.
  2. STP will reference the outside library stored at Apache and will file a Contribution Questionnaire for this reference. The reference is needed because the Apache library is in incubation (no official release) and the Eclipse IP reviews only official releases of third-party code. STP will submit a full CQ for the third-party library when the library is released and before STP leaves incubation.

Even Later: Janet clarifies that this CQ, having been posted wa-a-ay after the CQ deadline of February will be at the bottom of the Europa priority queue. She will try to get it done, but does not promise that it can be done. Obviously if the CQ cannot be reviewed, STP will have to be removed from the initial Europa distro (and could be added a few weeks later after the CQ is reviewed).


The DTP team updated the features-dtp.xml file and has asked for a Europa re-spin. It is in progress. It will be a sort of RC0b/RC1- or something.

Corona versus Equinox DS

Corona asks "can we include the Equinox DS in Corona"? Jeff joined the call to say "don't use it in Europa as Equinox", i.e., if you use it, you should rename the bundle (re-brand it as Corona). Jeff's definitive statement is "the code is not ready" but that if Corona, as an incubator, wanted to risk their good name on the code, then that was their choice.

Feature License Text

Is it still required that the text change the way it was talked about before? Action item: Bjorn to talk to Janet.

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