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Europa Minutes 2007.03.04

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Europa CQ Process/Status

Summary from Janet of the process and the status. No additional information than was already available, but it was good to be able to ask questions face-to-face.

Europa Marketing Meeting

Ian held a Europa marketing meting on Thursday of EclipseCon.

Staging/Release Sequencing

We agreed that Europa-matic builds will go to staging and the staging -> release transition will occur only after +2 is green.

Best Practices

Discussion of best practices for moving to integration builds for +1s and +2s -> KH recommends last week of Platform milestone cycle; Platform team uses I builds every week, but too much to ask everyone to do; EMF builds against I builds often and self hosts the last week before the M build; best practice: use the +0 week 5 I build (week 4 for +1 and week 3 for +2); more frequent would be nice for the Platform team (more, earlier, feedback) but more work for the downstream projects (don’t want to spend too much of your time doing builds to test your prereqs)

Provide Name and Icons and License Text

Janet explained that all features must contain the text of all the licenses involved in that feature. All projects are required to update their feature files. All of this should be NL strings, of course.

ACTION: (Everyone) Update the licenses in the features.

  • Question from Martin: Really complete license text of sub-features / sub-bundles? This doesnt seem to scale. Current feature license text just refers to sub-lienses like APL etc. via HTTP link. Why isnt that sufficient? Nobody would read a license text that gets too long and it's a nightmare to create and maintain.

We decided that the Provide Name will be "". We decided that projects should use their project specific icons if they have one, otherwise use the Platform project's 3.3 Eclipse icon.

ACTION: (Everyone) Update the Project Name and Project Icons in the features.

Categories for Site.xml

Discussion around choosing the categories for the site.xml (bug 168885). We decided to:

  • remove Other Tools
  • add Programming Languages
  • move Buckminster to Collaboration + Scripting and Automation
  • remove "Development" from all categories (maybe)
  • add Scripting and Automation
  • change the order to alphabetic (maybe)
  • not have a site-byProject.xml at all
  • End user features versus extender features; should we have extender/SDK features? Naming? Multiple update sites? -> we decided to have a single "SDK" category

ACTION: (Bjorn) Make these changes. Do the (maybe) experiments.

Update manager bugs issue: Martin will try to replicate and will report back to the team. If Martin discovers that the bug still exists and it cannot be fixed, David has a workaround for some cases. Ed also suggested a workaround of making more features.

Jar Signing and Update Manager bugs

The original jar signing bug 175376 has been fixed, but others are not. They (I believe that's the Platform build team and Eclipse IT) are working on the signed and packed jar problems (bug 163421 in general, and bug 175284 for Platform/PDE).

Martin summed up on Update Manager Bugs. The most problematic for Europa:

  1. bug 163421: signed, packed bundles with nested jars do not install
  2. bug 132450: search for updates on features with dependencies requires multiple scans
  3. bug 175004: Select required fails for dependencies expressed on bundle level
  4. bug 154505: Select Required chooses SDK instead of Runtime

It looks like #2, #3, #4 are all related.

ACTION: (Kevin H) Platform team to report back on progress.

Europa on 1.4 versus 5

The team decided not to pursue Harm's suggestion of "document what Europa features are available under 1.4 versus 5".

Translation Non-Project

Just a reminder that it's not going to happen.

Milestone Sites versus Real Update Sites (bug 175241)

It's more complicated than we can easily solve; danger of milestone update sites escaping into the wild; QA problem: how to test "check for updates"; Ingo suggested that we use policy files and wrote up an explanation Testing Pre-Release Builds Via Policy Files.

Orbit Is -1

M6 of Orbit is going to be –1 (one week before +0); download site not an update site; use and an http link in the map file (but nobody has tested that yet); you need to include the jar in your feature

Naming Conventions for Fall and Winter Maintenance Releases

We discussed naming - perhaps Europa.1? Europa.2? Europa SP1? Europa SP2? "Seasonal Release" SR? After discussion, the consensus was to leave it as Fall and Winter.


Thomas H, Rich G, John G, Mik K, Oisin H, Kevin H, Ingo M, Ed M, Nick B, David W, Doug G, Martin, Dennis O, Paul S, Bjorn FB

Regrets: Doug S, Yossi L, Kim M

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