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Europa Minutes 2007.01.17


Project Attending Regrets
AJDT Matt Chapman
BIRT Wenfeng Li
Buckminster Henrik Lindberg
CDT Doug Schaefer
CORONA Marcin Okraszewski, Pawel Kaczmarek
Dash Paul Colton, Ingo Muschenetz
DSDP TM Martin Oberhuber Doug Gaff
DTP John Graham
ECF Scott Lewis
EMF Nick Boldt
(OCL, Query,
Christian W. Damus
Paul Elder
GEF Anthony Hunter
GMF Rich Gronback
MDT Kenn Hussey
Mylar Mik Kersten
Platform Kim Moir
TPTP Hubert Leung
Web Tools David Williams Tim Wagner

Due to the large number of people on the call, it seemed easier to take role via email. If I missed you, please update this wiki page directly.

Interationalization of Platform

Bjorn previewed the discussion for next week’s Council meeting about internationalization. IBM has told us that they do intend to do all the internationalization for the Eclipse Platform for Europa – they will participate, but will not lead the effort nor do _all_ the work. All Planning Council members (Europa leads) need to discuss this with their corporate sponsors and come to Burlingame ready to discuss what sort of internationalization they require for their project (and the products built on top of their project) and what resources their company is willing to help with internationalization of Europa.

Roadmap and Project Plans

All Europa projects (well, really, all projects) are required to have a project plan accessible via their left menu. In lieu of completing that by next week, at the very least all projects need to supply their Europa project plans (via their home page) for incorporation in the annual Eclipse Roadmap.

Europa CQs January 31st Deadline

In order for Eclipse Legal to complete the legal reviews of contributions and about files and IP logs and etc by the end-of-June Europa release date, all Europa CQs need to be submitted by January 31st. Additionally, each of project lead received a list of all the currently outstanding CQs for confirmation and prioritization – replies are required by Jan 31st as well.

Staging Bits

Bjorn has still not finished Europa-zing David's software. He’s tempted to call his efforts here pathetic. He promises again to get it working really soon now. It's almost impossible to test Europa compatibility issues without Bjorn getting the update site working.

Agenda Items For Next Week

We added a few agenda items for the Council meeting next week: (1) SDK vs Runtime: what exactly is a runtime? (2) API changes after the API freeze: how to handle this? One suggestion is to keep a wiki page of the changes - I suggest we have a list of those wiki pages linked from the Europa page. (3) What are the rules for M5 "must dos"? The question was whether we really "must do" them?

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