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Europa Minutes 2007.01.03


Project Attending
AJDT Matt Chapman
BIRT Wenfeng Li
Buckminster Thomas Hallgren
CORONA (someone; missed the name)
Dash Bjorn Freeman-Benson
DLTK Andrey Platov, Ed Warnicke
DSDP DD Doug Gaff, Ted Williams
DSDP TM Martin Oberhuber
DTP John Graham
EMF Nick Boldt
(OCL, Query,
Christian Damus
Paul Elder
GEF Anthony Hunter
GMF Richard Gronback
TPTP Hubert Leung
Web Tools Tim Wagner
ECF Scott Lewis

Staging Bits

Bjorn has not finished getting David's software to run for Europa (Bjorn's fault, not David's). Thus there are not staging bits to test whether we're getting all the depdendencies and features correct yet. Everyone said that they have their bits ready, but we cannot test the integration without Bjorn doing his part. Bjorn will schedule another call in a week or two to try the discussion again.

Additionally, Bjorn has also not updated the instruction pages for how to incorporate your project's bits into the Europa collective build.

ACTION: (Bjorn FB) Get the integrator code working.

TPTP, EMF, and Java 5

Hubert brought up that EMF 2.3 requires Java 5 and that TPTP 4.4 might not work with Java 5. The EMF and Java 5 issue was discussed at length at previous Planning and Architecture Council meetings attended by both representatives of EMF and TPTP [1],[2]. It should not be a surprise that EMF 2.3 requires Java 5. Nick also explained that the run-time continues to work with 1.4 so Java 5 is only required if a model is re-generated.

ACTION: (Bjorn FB) Have a phone call with Sri regarding this issue and report back to the Europa team via the mailing list.

Call Attendance

(Added by Bjorn after the call.) One of our collectively determined requires for Europa participation was participation in these conference calls (under the rubric of "you have to participate to participate") and yet nobody from Mylar or STP has attended either of the first two calls. Food for thought.

Additionally, it is important that the people who attend the call be knowledgable and able to take action. These calls are for raising and solving problems but if the people on the call are not able to answer questions about their projects nor able to take issues back to their teams, there's really not much point to the calls, n'est pas?

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