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This page is related to the [[Europa Simultaneous Release]].
This page is related to the [[Europa Simultaneous Release]].
These are some brief notes to document how the callisto projects "contribute" to the "Europa Build".

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This page is related to the Europa Simultaneous Release.


Of course, there really is no "build" of Europa, but only a copying of what is already available on each project's update site, to a central site. Plus, there is a "site.xml" file, and index.html, etc., that are authored, and Europa projects are (relatively) free to make updates to them.

The purpose of the build is simply to document the steps in the process, require as little manual intervention as necessary, and have the build be reproducible, version controlled, etc.

Code and Configuration Files

Contributors to the Europa Discovery site need to be aware the CVS Callisto projects.


Or, general "read" access via

There are two projects there:

Per Project Configuration And Responsibilities

The project has a build-home sub-directory, with several ant files, of the form features-{project}.xml, where {project} is ep, wtp, birt, emf, cdt, dtp, gef, gmf, tptp, ve, etc.

These features-{project}.xml files are listed in the master updateMirrorAll.xml file.

Each Europa project's PMC and/or Project Leader is responsible to keep those features-{project}.xml files up to date as the project releases new milestones and release candidates. The project's project leader will probably delegate to the project's release engineer(s).

Obviously, each project's own update site must already exist (and be working) at the URL that is specified in the features-{project}.xml.

Typically, as projects move from milestone to milestone (or release candidate to release candidate) only the version identifiers in their feature-{project}.xml file have to be changed. There might, for some projects, be times when the feature ids themselves have to change or perhaps the URL will change as to where to find the project's update site.

What The Europa-o-Matic Does

On a regular schedule, or on request by a project that has just updated their features-{project}.xml file, Bjorn does the following:

  1. An ant task uses the update manager's mirror function to pull features from the projects' updates sites, copying them to the Europa staging site.
  2. The log results of this mirroring are published here. (Eventually there may be an automated email notification as well.) Projects are responsible for making their portion go green.
  3. Once the build goes green, the Europa site.xml file is updated with the new feature versions and copied to the staging site
  4. After the the staging site has been tested by the projects, to indeed discover and install the right versions, on the right platforms, etc., there will be a "mass delete and mass copy" of the staging site to the release site. The release site is
    • This release is coordinated with the webmaster, so that the mirrors have time to replicate /europa/relases (note that staging is not mirrored, since it is for testing only, and may be created and re-created frequently, which would cause unnecessary noise on the mirror network).

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